Some of our units may indicate that it was constructed with Raw Hair rather than Virgin hair. Here you can learn more about the hair below...

  • What makes raw hair so different?

 Raw hair is lustrous and thick, making it more flexible and durable than other hair. Hair can be styled to achieve any look you want while the hair maintains its natural beauty and lasts for a very long time. Our customers enjoy long lasting beautiful hair, that's why we take our time in selecting the finest 100% raw hair!

  • Why should I use “raw hair” when other hair is cheaper?

Raw hair is hair in its most natural state. It looks natural and behaves like your own natural hair. That is why it blends beautifully with your own hair. With proper care, this hair lasts for a very long time, sometimes even up to 3 years. So, if wearing long lasting, natural looking hair is important to you, give us a shot. 
Raw hair is an investment because it lasts longer than the beauty supply store hair and is a  much better quality for your money. 
Other hair may not look or behave like your own natural hair. In addition to this, the hair starts tangling, gathering and matting after a few washes. Most often, it cannot be reused after the first installation and one needs to buy fresh hair for every subsequent installation. In the end, you will end up spending more money.

  • I have never used raw hair before. What info should I know?

1.) This hair is totally unprocessed 100% natural hair.
2.) The hair will have a natural texture and color.

  1. Texture: The natural texture of Indian hair varies from slightly wavy to deep curly. Typically raw hair is sold in three textures Natural Straight (which is actually lightly wavy), Natural Wavy, Curly. These textures are so versatile that you can flat iron your hair to get your sleek straight look or curl it to a desired style.

  2. Color: Raw hair generally comes in its natural shades of black and dark brown.

  3. Hair Care: Raw hair should be taken care of as if it were growing out of your scalp. It should be shampooed and conditioned regularly, especially if you use a lot of hair products. Use of products will build up on the hair so it must be washed and conditioned to maintain the quality of the hair. To ensure the hair remain sleek, smooth, and tangle free it must be well taken care of.

  • Can I cut your weft?

Yes. Our wefts are “machine wefts” and can be cut if desired.

  • How much hair do I need?

For a full sew in weave we generally recommend buying 3 packs of hair. It is always better to purchase some extra hair. For hair over 18” of length we recommend purchasing a 4th pack and you can save any extra hair for later. Also, take into consideration that the number of packs required also depends on the style and volume you desire. For example if you want a look with a lot of volume and layers, you will need 3 to 4 packs of hair. Subtract one bundle if you are getting a frontal but not if you're getting a closure. 

  • Can this hair be colored?

Yes, you can color the hair. Our raw hair has never been chemically treated can handle the coloring process very well. 

  • Which hair products work best?

Use any sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. You may use coconut oil or any other kind of natural oil to moisturize the hair but use lightly. Use a deep conditioner once a week. If you use any other styling products, remember to wash and condition on a regular to keep the hair clean and maintain quality.

  • What's a good night time routine?

Do not sleep on wet hair. Put hair in bun or big braids then place a silk bonnet or pillow case.

  • Can I swim in this hair?

Yes, but do braid your hair or pull it into a ponytail before you go swimming to prevent tangling. Wash and condition hair well afterwards.